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 Lunar Glade Guide

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PostSubject: Lunar Glade Guide   Lunar Glade Guide I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2012 5:35 am

Humorum MP Mode
Costs a total of 3 million coins for the leader to open.

As a rule of thumb, a good squad setup is a barb, cleric, BM, sin, and 2 AOE DDs; this squad will get you through very fast. Venos are handy as always but, for once, far from needed and having an extra AOE makes it go a lot faster.  Don't lure too many mobs (for the barb) because when you stop to AOE, mobs have lot of HP along with statuses like 'Increased Defense' and 'Increased Attack'; 'Increased Life' mobs may have up to 1.7m HP ( so we'll say 3 groups is okay for a -20k HP barb ).

All of the bosses drop essences, mirage stones, gold mats ( that you can use to craft special armor and normal LG armor ), as well as Essence Crystals ( only Wygie bosses drop this mat ) needed to manufacture weapons and ornaments.

Only the three final bosses drop Tinders (Chromatic / Unknown / Ancient). Summoned bosses all drop mirages, immaculate shards, Essence Crystals, Fragments and Transparent Crystals. They also each drop a special mold ( Ring / Necklace / Helm ).

[Humorum Valley]

Upon entering the Humorum Valley, you will be given a hint to kill over half of the mobs or the boss will go into frenzy mode. You receive a kill count quest, much like the one in TT 3-1/2/3 (this counts for every subsequent valley as well; you have to kill 50%+1 mob before engaging the boss).

The mobs in Humorum Valley can freeze, so keep that in mind when pulling new mobs into the AOE. Don't want to get frozen outside of BB with 3-4 mobs on you =P  Sin/BM's job is to look for summon / Assault mobs, as they can kill the cleric/barb easily. Pretty straightforward valley, keep killing mobs until you reach a large room with several totems in it. Clearing it of mobs should get your kill quest counter complete as well.

Here's the important part. This room has two paths leading out of it, one to the left and one to the right. There is a 'Physical Immune' tombstone mob on each path. Killing this mob spawns the Humorum Valley boss, "Genesiac Blink", and which tombstone you kill results in different 2nd valleys and different final bosses:

[1.]Left path tombstone
Killing the left tombstone results in the poisonous "Imbrium Valley" as your 2nd and "Relic of Wind" as your final boss.

[2.]Right path tombstone
If you opt to kill the right tombstone, you will get the metal "Smythii Valley" as your 2nd and "Drake Fling" as your final boss.

[3.]Both tombstones
Killing both tombstones before killing Genesiac Blink will result in having "Cognitum Valley" as your 2nd and "Primal Fear" as your final boss.

After you kill one of the tombstones (or both if you so choose ) backtrack a little bit to the totem area in the middle of which awaits...

Boss : [Genesiac Blink]

You can kill it 2 different ways :

1. Archer tanks
The archer needs to ST 1st ( AOE skill ) then the other ranged DDs can attack. Make sure you are at max range and don't use AOE because you'll lure the extra mobs and they can kill you in a few hits ( or more but the hit hard ). This takes longer than the 2nd option but it's safe for the melee classes, who do nothing.

2. Barb runs in to take aggro with Roar and Invokes, then the cleric BBs close to the barb and everyone else attacks the boss.

Special drop : Heart of Genesiac Blink (used in making the Amulet of Valor)

After the boss is dead there will be a summon NPC called Wygie ( BM ). The boss it summons, "Herald of Agony" has 6m hp and is weak to water. He purges, seals, stuns, and random aggros so make sure that the cleric heals from max range.

Special drop : Ancient Necklace mold

Proceed down one of the paths past the stone bridge and talk to the NPC at the end to enter the 2nd valley. Again, which valley that is depends on which tombstone you killed earlier.

(There is a Summonbot next to the NPC who spawns "Jaden Rutiodon" in the water right next to the bot - easy boss with a random single target sleep. Drops stamina mats.)

[Imbrium Valley] : If you kill the left guard in the 1st valley...

This is by far the longest and hardest of the valleys currently available in Lunar Glade. The mobs hit with physical and magic attacks, stack DoT poison, and can cast sleep. I definitely advise against going this route if you only have one cleric in the squad. Constant Purify is essential unless you plan on pulling mobs one by one and thus spending a good hour or two in here.

Killing the first 4 mobs spawns another Summonbot, who calls upon "Archelon". Relatively easy fight; he'll water debuff the tank and sporadically cast a weak AOE that interrupts BB. Stacking Ironheart on the tank and AOE healing does the trick. He drops dexterity mats, which are probably the biggest reason why people opt to go this route.

Continue on the path, hugging the walls behind the rocks whenever applicable in order to avoid as many mobs as possible. Again, this valley is VERY long and you will get enough mobs for the kill quest no matter what.

Boss : [Mystical Jarax]
At the end, the boss of this valley awaits. It casts a random single-target poison DoT, which should be purified or sparked away ASAP. It can also randomly sleep one member or cast a short duration AOE seal.
All in all, a very easy fight.

Special drop: Gloom of Mystical Jarax ( used in making the Eye of Melancholy )

After this boss is dead there will be a summon NPC called Wygie ( Archer ). It spawns "Knight of Terror"; he AOEs constantly and the best option for the cleric is to BB/squad heal. He is weak to fire and throws Novas .

Special drop : Ancient ring mold

When he's dead, talk to the NPC and get teleported to final valley of Lunar Glade.

[Smythii Valley] : If you kill the right guard in the 1st valley...

There is yet another Summonbot here, he brings "Deep Stranger". Dive into the water below the stone bridges to find him. Hits VERY hard and debuffs the tank. One of the debuffs lowers evasion, this one can be ignored. The other is the infamous Pole/Nob debuff which pretty much nullifies the tank's magic and physical defense. Should be purified ASAP or it could lead to a wipe. Strongly recommend two clerics or a charmed barb. Drops spirit mats.

Climbing back up can be a nightmare. Make your way to the ramp leading out of the water near the entrance to this valley on the left side, then double jump and holy path towards the south wall. May take a few tries ( hit space 2 times like you jump in TT3-3 )

Smythii, or Metal Valley, is a relatively short valley with easy mobs. Take either path and make your way to the boss. Try to hug the walls and avoid as many mobs as possible. Should you make your way to the boss and still miss a few mobs there are a couple patrolling the route. Pull as many as you may need and once your kill quest is finished, be ready to fight the boss of Smythii Valley.

Boss : [Masaca Seben]
Starts out as an easy fight, albeit quite annoying. The boss spams an AOE debuff which greatly reduces channeling time and attack speed. At 50% HP or so he starts using an AOE metal DoT attack. Try to triple spark it or use some HP pots, it hurts. At 20% HP, he will start to self buff. If there's only one cleric in squad and no veno around to purge him, the barb should be ready to Invoke when this happens, as he becomes really painful when he's fully buffed ( this doesn't happen if you kill him fast, he will do it after a while ). In any case, he should go down eventually, allowing you access to the final valley of Lunar Glade.

Special drop: Tooth of Masaca Seben ( used in making the Helm of Gallantry )

After this boss dies there will be a summon NPC called Wygie ( Barb ) Boss name - Infernal Sonikbeast ( PoolBear ) He is cute and a lot of people want to tame him but he is hard. He has 9m HP and will cast mana burn. BM/sins can tank it best, but if you don't have decent APS in your squad, don't attempt this boss; it will take 20 minutes or more and you will waste a lot of mana pots.

Special drop : Ancient Helm mold

[Cognitum Valley] : If you kill both guards in 1st Valley...

This is the last of the possible 2nd valleys and it features physical and magical mobs. Start by clearing the mobs on your path until you reach the large room up ahead. Again, hug the wall and circle around to the boss while avoiding mobs. There are a few mobs patrolling the room, killing these should complete the kill quest.

Boss : [Hauntery Queen]
Queen, eh? More like a bearded midget, some people that run with me told me he wore lipstick but whatever. It has a random aggro bleed attack which HURTS; if not purified or triple sparked it will kill just about any squishy. Also has a random curse and melee attack which again, will kill just about any squishy. Thankfully, he doesn't cast any AOE or other annoying debuffs. Should go down relatively easy.

Special drop: Gem of Hauntery Queen

After this boss is dead, a summon NPC called Wygie ( Cleric ) will appear. Boss name - Bloodsurge Ultera. It's weak to fire and has 3m HP. It will purge, seal, and AOE but still isn't that hard.

Special drop : Ancient Helm mold

Once dead, proceed to talk to the NPC and be teleported to the final valley of Lunar Glade.

[Lunar Glade]

Regardless of your choice in Humorum Valley ( the 1st one ), this is always the final valley you have to do before the final boss. The boss you get, however, depends on the tombstone(s) you killed in Humorum Valley at the very beginning.

Start off by going north and killing 5 mobs. You will need them for the kill quest in here. The Ninetails can freeze, so again pullers should keep this in mind when gathering mobs into the AOE. After killing 5 mobs, backtrack and go south, killing everything in your path until you reach the final boss.

Boss : [Relic of Wind] ( Left Guard 1st valley )
By far the easiest of the three. Barb tanks, cleric ironhearts. He will seal the tank every now and then which should purified as soon as possible. Also has an aoe seal at his disposal but this one doesn't last nearly as long. Finally, he will also randomly curse one party member. Charm ticker at best, not enough to kill anyone though. Again it should be purified when possible.

Should go down easily enough though with no casualties.

Special drop: Shard of Relic of Wind (used in making Heart of Flames)
Crystal of Relic of Wind (used in making Sapphire Hat)
Unknown Tinder

Boss : [Drake Fling] ( If you Killed Right Guard in 1st Valley )
THE. HARDEST. BOSS. EVAR. Not counting harpy
Ancient evil and Illusion lord: Armageddon got nuttin on this dude LIES!!! he is easy to do i you follow this info

1.There standing 3 Drake Fling 1 is real with must hp orther 2 are clones have you kill this boss 1st you lure the Real Fling to water side then at 1,6m hp he will summon 2 clones ( When he talks ) befor that moment every one have to jump into the water only tanker ( the guys thats tank Barb/Sin/bm idc ) so long there is 1 on land Clones will not come After he talks again you can go up again and do DD again at 800k same thing jump into water after he talks again go up and kill him its easy if you do you job.

2.if you got good Aps sqaud and good barb you can kill him on land 1st you have to lure him out of his group the cleric BB's and just start to attack him and when he summon his clones the barb need to argo them and best is to invoke after it he will do it 2 times so make sure you get them .

Special drops: Horn of Drake Fling (used in making Helm of Gallantry)
Scale of Drake Fling (used in making Ring of Zealousness)
Unknown and Chromatic Tinders

Boss : [Primal Fear] ( If You kill both Guard at 1st Valley )

Say hello to Mantavip's giant twin brother. Two tactics I can give for this one.
First one involves having the barb tank normally. Things should be going smooth until he does an aoe purge. When he does, barb should invoke instantly or he's a gonner because all buffs, including ironheart stacks go poof. So invoke, rebuff hp and continue tanking while the cleric rebuffs the squad and gets the ironheart stacks back up. He also tends to self buff near death which truly makes him deadly. If you have a veno, have her purge the boss asap. If not, pray the barb has enough sparks to invoke =P

The 2nd way of tackling this boss involves only ranged DD. There is a broken pillar in the lake right next to boss with a tip sticking out of the water. Everyone in the squad goes there (it's outside boss' aggro range) and starts DDing the boss. Since he's a stationary melee type (like Genesiac Blink) he won't be able to hurt you directly. He will still aoe purge and do the 50% hp debuff ocasionally though, as well as use an aoe attack. Clerics should be able to keep up with it though, and make sure the barb rebuffs hp after every purge. The only problem is his self buff. As soon as you see him self buff, get BB up and going. If he hits you with his aoe attack while self buffed, he will most likely kill everyone under 10k hp.

Requires a bit of luck in any case though, if he purges you, self buffs and casts an aoe imediately it will most likely result in a party wipe.

Special drops: Ring fragment of Primal Fear (used in making Ring of Zealousness)
Essence of Primal Fear (used in making Sapphire Hat)
Ancient Thinder

Extra Info for ppl that want to know how you can summon Boss at Wygie Npc
There is 1 qeust in lunar you need to kill few mobs in Sol mode is easy the die fast you can also do it with sqaud.
.2nd you have to find 3 npc outside Lunar.
.3rd you have to dive in to a lake ( you get a ticket with that ticket you can tele right click and you there )
Swim to the bodem of the lake swim around a little till qeust complete.
.4th you get a orther tele ticket that ticket tele you to Grayhairy man talk to him something about a ghost.
.5th you have to kill Primal Fear and Relic of the wind

when you complete this you get a ticket that you can summon bosses of you class( only use for cleric archer barb bm in normale lunar / veno and wissy are in Tm orther classes dont have Wyggie )
the ticket stays like Chrono key you can Account Stash it also

For more info or Qeustion Just Pm OneMenArmy

The New Bosses need to me update later
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Lunar Glade Guide
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