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Warsong City

Squad Members ( best squad you can have in my eyes)
Blademaster 1
Blademaster 2

1. Blademaster 1 should have at least 10k HP unbuffed, axe build for the most available AoEs.
2. Blademaster 2 should be 5 APS with axes for AOE and fast attacks.
3. Sin needs to be 5 APS +10 ( or R9 3.33 + ) and at least 8k HP unbuffed
4. Clerics can handle the bosses if they have at least 4-5k HP unbuffed.
5. Barbarians are recommended to have 15k HP unbuffed.
6. Veno doesn't need much except Amp, you can also use an archer for STA or wizzy for strong AOE but they can die fast.
7. If you wanna do full Warsong you'll need to have 2 ranged DDs like a veno and an archer, they'll come in handy especially if you have alts that can do it.

The Breakdown of Warsong

Before you begin Warsong, you will need to pay a total of 12 Mirage stones, meaning 2 per squad member. As the squad leader, you are given the option to skip stage one or complete it. Completing it gives you a choice of an attack or defence blessing. You also get a pill that reduces all damage taken, but lasts 15 minutes once used. If you want to do a complete Warsong run, you will need to successfully defend all of the reincarnations from the wraiths. Even if you save all the others and one falls, you will be one point short from facing the final boss.

How To Begin

1st choice : Helping Clearstream

If you chose to help Clearstream, head up the path toward the tree and hang a left. You'll be teleported to a platform. Wait for your teammates to arrive before talking to her; taking her quest triggers Incacerate to spawn and begin attacking. Cleric can AOE heal here, BB is a waste with how low the boss hits everyone with the ideal squad. After a bit of damaging the boss, he will be sealed and leave behind a yellow jade. Pick it up and anyone who receives it can talk to Clearstream again to have a hint pop up. Jump over the edge and you'll be teleported to the start. (Be careful not to walk into the portal that will send you back to Sanctuary.)

Again, head back up the path toward the tree, this time taking a right down a path that will teleport you to another section of the map. You'll run down a slope and see mobs of each element guarding an NPC with a quest named Blazing Star. Have the barb run in and everyone grab the quest. BB will be easiest to cast here.

Tip: Sometimes the mobs will blow up, dealing massive damage. They will let you know in common chat saying "Let's die together!" Move a bit away, knockback or have yourself immune to damage to avoid the hit.

After the first wave, another wave will spawn. Take this down until the quest states there are no more mobs to kill. Talk with Blazing Star and jump over the edge or run through the portal in the back to be teleported to the start once more. Speak with Ginring to activate the next portion of Warsong. Be sure to claim your pill and blessing. I suggest attack for all the party members besides the cleric.

2nd Choice : Defending the Incarnations and the Pavilions

After picking this choice, your team will be bestowed the task of splitting up to defend a single NPC in five different pavilions, one person per with the last typically being '911' (emergency help for whoever needs it, usually someone who can't solo or a cleric). Below is a list of each pavilion and which classes typically have the easiest time in :

Fire: Wizard, Veno, Archer ( Clerics with r8 or higher can also solo )
Metal: Archer, Wizard, Veno, Mystic, Psychic  ( Very good clerics may solo  )
Water: BM, Barb, Seeker ( BM needs to use axe AOEs )
Wood: BM, Sin ( Use APS, it's easy )
Earth: BM, Sin ( Use APS, it's easy )

That's just what you'd normally see in each pavilion but if you find yourself with a less flexible squad, knowing the mobs will help you choose who to send to what defense. Certain classes can flourish in pavilions other than their typecast if you play to the mobs' weaknesses.

Metal: Evil Electric Leopardo
Physical Attack: 909 - 1364
Magic Attack: 864 - 1296 (ranged)
Physical Defense: 7133
Magic Defense: Metal: 1132 -- Wood: 1132 -- Water: 0 -- Fire: 0 -- Earth: 0

Fire: Efreet Lady
Physical Attack: 909 - 1364
Magic Attack: 864 - 1296 (ranged)
Physical Defense: 1710
Magic Defense: Metal: 0 -- Wood: 1132 -- Water: 1132 -- Fire: 1132 -- Earth: 1132

Wood: Carapace Greenstalker
Physical Attack: 909 - 1364 (melee)
Magic Attack: 864 - 1296
Physical Defense: 7133
Magic Defense: Metal: 0 -- Wood: 849 -- Water: 849 -- Fire: 849 -- Earth: 849

Earth: Evil Trembling Golem
Physical Attack: 1800 - 2700 (melee)
Magic Attack: 864 - 1296
Physical Defense: 1710
Magic Defense: Metal: 950 -- Wood: 0 -- Water: 950 -- Fire: 950 -- Earth: 950

Water: Evil Warsong Elf
Physical Attack: 909 - 1364 (melee)
Magic Attack: 864 - 1296
Physical Defense: 0
Magic Defense: Metal: 4529 -- Wood: 4529 -- Water: 4529 -- Fire: 4529 -- Earth: 4529

The mobs can purge you sometimes ( no matter what pavilion ) so it's good if 911 is a cleric so they can help and rebuff you. Bloodpaint is very handy when you solo a pav since you won't need to use a charm ( only counts for BM, sin, barb, and seeker ) so long as you AOE mobs. Be VERY careful not to AOE anywhere near the NPC because you will damage it yourself; it's also advised to fight somewhat far from the NPC since mobs will, at a certain distance, simply run past you if you haven't damaged them because the NPC is so close and tasty-looking.

Expect a lot of charm ticking and pot use. Melee classes will have to be weary of mobs trying to suicide and take you down with them; note that they will announce their coming death in common chat by saying "Let's die together!" They can and will hit any person in range for over 80% of their health, so even ranged classes should stay clear of the blast. Earth will also be a challenge for the cleric and barbarian. All I can recommend is the barb staying in human form and using Slam to knock back the mobs that try and suicide.

Besides killing the mobs, you will need to grab aggro of the "Hexadhead Rider" that appears in your lane. These heads have a lot of HP and there's no point in trying to kill them; your job is to keep them from attacking the NPC. Try not to let them hit you because it will hurt; using crowd control skills like knockbacks, sleeps, stuns, and seals will help reduce the chance of them beating on you. Also make sure not to run too far away from the head because if you do, it may reset itself and start heading for the NPC. If any of the heads have 'Increased Attack' or 'Sacrificial Assault, you'll need to be especially careful; sometimes it's easier to just restart the instance.

If you happen to die, hurry back to your pavilion! Without you, the head AND mobs will run straight to your NPC and if it dies, you fail. Two red warnings will appear when your NPC is being damaged and once it has died, you'll see the message that your NPC has 'fallen'. Best to drop and resquad at that point.

You will only have 15 minutes to clear all of the mobs, and by looking at your quest log, you'll see that each pavilion needs 180 points to finish ( each mob kill gives 6 points, 2 if you're in water). If you find yourself struggling to kill them toward the end, you can run around with mob/head aggro on yourself and survive until the timer ends, at which point the mobs will disappear and the defense is over; however, you won't receive the full amount of possible points for your pavilion. You will need a total of 722 points minimum to face the final boss. You'll know you have it when the quest is titled "Leading the Way."

Side Note: Just because you may have finished early doesn't always mean your job is over. Until you receive the pop-up saying that you've succeeded, the NPC is still able to be killed. If your head is 'Increased Attack' or 'Sacrificial Assault' and you leave it alone with the NPC after you're done, it is very possible that it will kill the NPC on its own in your last minute or two; a dead NPC, even at this point, will count as a failed pavillion and you won't be able to fight the very last boss in Warsong.

If you are kicked to Sanctuary at any point during Warsong, you will lose your blessing and pill! You can use your pills here or at the bosses- whichever you feel you will need it more. If you decide to save the pill until the bosses, clear out all of the mobs first.

When you finish defending the pavilions or helping Clearstream, speak with the NPC and choose the option "Heart of the City".

Clearing the Mobs

Each elemental lane is split off into their own section along with a boss at the end. If you got the top score, you will see there are far less mobs to kill than normal ( 50 % less ) . You will also see that most of them happen to be the more annoying ones to take out. The mobs aren't too much of a problem to sweep, though keep in mind that each pavilion carries its own problems if you plan on pulling more than one group at a time:

-In Metal, the 'Broadblade Runner' mob (woman carrying a sword) WILL seal whoever has their rage, so clerics and tanks beware that if BB goes up before someone has taken aggro, that BB will be ripped down in a matter of seconds. APS should focus these mobs first so that the barb/AOEs won't be interrupted.
-In Earth, mobs will freeze you in place; tanks should make sure that they use some kind of anti-stun skill or Vacuity Powder before they begin pulling.
-In Fire, the 'Inferno Skulllord' will interrupt the absolute hell out of the entire squad, so clerics should not waste time putting up a BB that will be knocked down (unless the squad kills them VERY fast).
-The last lane starts off with mobs from both Water and Wood before it splits into two separate lanes further down. 'Maids' and 'Ghouls' from the Water groups will use Occult Ice on their target (a cleric that isn't in BB should purify this immediately, especially if the mob casting it is 'Increased Magic Attack' or 'Sacrificial Assault'), so these two mobs should be focused first. In Wood groups all mobs will seal their target and cast Elemental Weakness; the 'Treespirit Magus' mob casts Extreme Poison.

Side Note: During pulls and even for bosses, it's important to note where you're standing. If you have aggro and you're in range for a melee hit, mobs will physically hit you but if you're standing further away, most mobs (bosses too) will hit you with a ranged magic attack. Knowing your own defense will reduce the damage you take; a wizard sitting in the middle of 15 mobs physically smacking him will take a larger beating than he would if he AOE'd from a slight distance (within the healer's range) and took nothing but light magic damage. This info helps a lot if your tank happens to die on a boss; if you have decent magic defense, try backing away from the boss to take minimal damage until your tank returns and rebuffs.


After you've finished clearing the mobs for a lane, you'll meet the boss for that pavilion. It's important to make sure that you've cleared ALL of the mobs of that element (look in your quest log to make sure that the number beside the element, the amount of mobs remaining, is 0) or else the boss will be enraged and wipe your entire squad one by one. Once you've killed a boss, an NPC will spawn. The leader of the squad can talk to this NPC to get a quest and spawn a nastier version ("Vile") of the boss you just defeated (it's best that the person who spawns is melee). The reward for killing it is a Basic Badge, used to make 3rd cast Nirvana/R9 gear (Forge - 30 for armor, 60 for weapon; Recast - 8 for armor, 20 for weapon). In case you don't know the names of the armors that drop from bosses, there will be a list at the end of this guide.

Important: DO NOT switch lead after you've spawned Vile until it is killed; if you do, everyone will lose the quest and you'll need to retake it to get the badge. You can also lose the quest for the badge if you are kicked outside. To get it back, the leader will need to be switched so that everyone loses the quest and then lead will have to speak with the NPC again to re-accept the quest.

1. Metal Boss: Snakefist Guardian
One of the more annoying bosses in Warsong, this boss deals more damage the longer you fight him, independent of his HP. You CAN kill this boss with minimal charm ticking. Cleric will set up BB and everyone uses their most damaging attacks. Use your Charms of Defence; his most damaging attack is magic. Use every genie skill available to amplify damage or pour on damage as well- you will see his health fall quickly. That's all there is to him.

Vile: Snakefist Guardian
Nothing special. Sometimes he'll transform you into a frog for a moment (you'll be unable to use skills) and at certain times he'll stun everyone in short range so BB should be kept slightly further back to avoid interruption.
Drops : 1 Heavy, Light, or Arcane Armor Boot ( 3rd cast Nirvana or R9 )
Each piece has a 7.333% chance of dropping out of the possible 3 Nirvana and 10 R9

2. Fire Boss: Cannonfist Orclord
Here is the beefed up version of TT's ape. There is a nice long hallway just before the boss' platform; lure him away from his area and set up BB to fight. He will hit hard, stopping only to summon flesh beatles where he previously stood. Do not attack them, they will explode or vanish with time, around 20 seconds. If you pulled him far enough away from the beetles, they are easily ignorable. Everyone should pay attention to this boss as there is a chance he will cast mana burn on the squad, and the burn is fast enough that BB may fall. If the beetles are still alive when the boss has died, simply wipe them out and prepare for Vile.

Vile: Cannonfist Orclord
Before spawning him, it's important for the tank to prepare himself. When summoned, Vile Cannon will come out raging with APS buff; barbs should Invoke and Alpha Male to make sure they have aggro. If you brought a veno, the buff can easily be purged.
Drops : 1 Heavy, Light, or Arcane Arm ( 3rd cast Nirvana or R9 )
Each piece has a 7.333% chance of dropping out of the possible 3 Nirvana and 10 R9

3. Earth Boss: Shadowskull Lich
This guy is deceptive. Barbarian will tank, cleric must be at max distance or face the high chance of being one shot. Lich will split four times, spawning a group of mobs each time he is "killed"; once you've smashed the last remaining one out of the group, Lich will return to be killed again and spawn another group. The third time Lich pops up, however, he starts to show his true colors. The skill 'Frenzy' pops up and he makes a purple channeling animation; this is the skill that can one shot certain members of the squad. The fourth Lich is an even stronger version of the third. Pour on the damage and hopefully he will die before he even channels the attack.

Vile: Shadowskull Lich
His physical attacks are strong and when his HP gets low he will heal himself; venos can purge this heal or a psychic can use Diminished Vigor to lessen his recovery.
Drops : 1 Heavy, Light, or Arcane Robe/Helm OR 1 R9 belt
Each piece has a 6.25% chance of dropping out of the possible 6 Nirvana and 10 R9

4. Wood Boss:  Pestilent Destroyer
Aside from a random aggro attack that reduces your speed to 1 m/s, cleric can just BB while everyone eats him alive. He may randomly interrupt that BB, so no AFKing. Rarely, he can also put a very weak but very annoying DoT on the entire squad that cannot be purified or sparked away; you'll simply have to endure it until it runs out.

Vile: Pestilent Destroyer
This guy is a pain. When he spawns, he randomly casts an HP debuff on some members of the squad (best to use AD or IG to avoid). After a certain length of time he will walk over to a healer (if the cleric is the only one healing they will always be picked, however I have seen wizards/mystics/psychics being stunned instead because they'd used a healing skill), stun them, and put a DoT on them. He will then turn back to whoever has his aggro and purge that person. Once some time has passed he will repeat this cycle; stun the healer, then turn and purge the tank.
Drops : 1 Heavy, Light, or Arcane Chest ( 3rd cast Nirvana or R9 )
Each piece has a 7.333% chance of dropping out of the possible 3 Nirvana and 10 R9

5. Water Boss: Obscure Reaper
This boss can make anyone cry. Things to keep in mind while fighting this boss:

-He has a single target Occult Ice that is random aggro (it will break BB).
-If the barb, BM, or anyone else encounters this boss at melee distance, they will be hit for very painful physical damage. From ranged distance, the tank will endure weak water damage.
-He also has an AOE Occult Ice that applies a channeling and attack speed debuff; Badge of Courage can break you out of the stun portion of Occult Ice, or use Tree of Protection to keep yourself from dying. Clerics should purify themselves before attempting to cast any longer heals since the channel debuff is rather strong.

Vile: Obscure Reaper
Squad beware, as soon as this guy spawns he will AOE stun unless someone interrupts quickly enough (Barb - Alacrity, BM - Shadowless Kick, Sin - Knife Throw, etc). Clerics should either wait to BB until the stun is over or AD to avoid it. After the initial stun, he will stun again periodically.
Drops : 1 Heavy, Light, or Arcane Pants ( 3rd cast Nirvana or R9 )
Each piece has a 7.333% chance of dropping out of the possible 3 Nirvana and 10 R9

6. The Final Boss: Incacerate
Once all the other bosses have fallen and you have "Leading the Way" as your quest title, you will be given the option to encounter Incacerate by the reincarnations that have spawned where each of the bosses fell. Take the quest and you'll be teleported to a platform where Incacerate wanders. Make sure everyone is fully buffed before your tank wanders in...

As soon as aggro is taken he will spawn the first of five mini-bosses, spawning the rest at certain intervals of his HP. These mini-bosses need to die very quickly; BMs should save their DG for when they spawn and the entire squad ( except for the tank and cleric ) should focus the mini-boss until it dies. The first one (mini Wood boss if you notice) will seal the entire squad, so the cleric should wait until the first is dead before putting up BB. As he loses more HP, you will meet more of the angry mini-bosses with striking resemblances to the 5 bosses you've already killed:

Mini-Wood : Seals the squad
Mini-Water : Random Occult Ice on one person and channel/APS debuff on entire squad
Mini-Metal : APS
Mini-Fire : Squad purge every few seconds
Mini-Earth : Nasty AOE and boss frenzy

At a random time in this fight, usually sometime between the first and fourth mini-bosses, a trial will appear. Yellow text will flash across your screen and three normal mobs will spawn; Incacerate will still be flailing away at your tank but he will take far reduced damage until the trial is done. For the love of everything that has ever been, DO NOT AOE WHILE THESE MOBS EXIST. The test itself is simple; there are three mobs and one is different from the other two. That one oddball must die. It doesn't matter who kills it but it must die within 60 seconds and once it does, the other two will die off as well. If you kill either of the similar mobs, you will fail one of your three chances and be given another attempt. Fail all three attempts and Incacerate will disappear and you won't be able to fight him again, therefore losing out on his drops.

Once you've wiped up Incacerate, he'll drop an entire pile of goodies, most noteworthy being the Warsong Inscriptions. These are bound once picked up and when you've gathered 40, you can combine some coin and mats with them to make a very useful G14+ belt. Clean up the treasure from the floor and recover your squad for...

Vile: The Incacerate
Much easier than you'd think, just pummel him into the ground. He'll buff up his defense but it won't do him very good.
Drops : 2x G16/R9 Weapon Molds
           1x Essence Of Offence

Types of Gear (for reference):

Nirvana Armor

Awakened Lionheart _______
Awakened Ancestral Divine Helm
Awakened Demon Serene Robe

Awakened Ashura _______
Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat
Awakened Demon Obscure Robe

Awakened Archangel _______
Awakened Hat of Infinite Power
Awakened Demon Spell Robe

Nirvana Weapons

Autumn Crescent - Sword
Halfway Galaxy - Blade
Infinite Longing - Dual Swords
Astral Ballad - Dual Blades
Unicorn's Tragedy - Dual Axes
Resonance of Pride - Dual Hammers
Chill of Blizzard - Poleaxe
Spirit of Justice - Polehammer
Galaxy Shocker - Pike
Waves of Glacier - Poleblade

"Light" (can get interval):
Jaden Emperor's Defiance - Bow
Stellar Vibration - Crossbow
Ancestor's Sorrow - Slingshot
Traceless Dimension - Claw
Peak of Clouds - Fist
Netherworld Guidance - Dagger

Foundation of World - Wand
Silence of Frost - Pataka
Sandy World - Magic Sword
Glaive of Nirvana - Glaive
Buddha's Hatred - Sphere

Rank 9

Dervish - Blademaster
Requiem - Wizard
Hegemony - Barbarian
Etherwalker - Venomancer
Firmament - Archer
Sanctity - Cleric
Adversity - Assassin
Apotheosis - Psychic
Samsara - Seeker
Reincarnation - Mystic
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Warsong Guide
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