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 The New Cave Some Infos

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The New Cave Some Infos Empty
PostSubject: The New Cave Some Infos   The New Cave Some Infos I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 26, 2013 11:26 am

i did the new cave and it' has a lot fun

1. you need to kill 6 totems. they exist around the cave
2. after 6 people need to reach the top of Chains and Dig all together (like AEU)
3. you talking to ncp in center
4. from 6 locations around the stairs mobs coming to kill the NCP -- don;t let them kill them first-
Plus after some moments the portals "need to dig them" and they will be closed. close all 6 portals to ncp
6. the game starts now

NO AoEs - will be good-
there is many small Blue bubbles turning around on 2 lvls (upstairs and downstairs)
Near to boss- kill one blue bubble and a red bubble stay betwen those "range areas" you have about 5-7 sec before the bubble dissapair and you need to ACTIVATE (by killing) the other bubble and run inside of it (protecting you from 1 shot)

boss has 1 Special attack -- make you flying "inside" of him. you need to holy path and get down to the stairs (inside on another bubble- need to be fast) to avoid the 1 shot,,,
after the deadly attack go back to first lvl of bubbles and do the same thing.( you need ot be DOWNSTAIRS so aoe will not reach you)

Blue Buble = Fire protections
Blue Bubble Shiney (only on downstairs) = purify + Channeling
Red Bubble = x2 dmg

* better not be charmed
** we didn;t finish the cave bc people start leaving after charm rapes)
*** until the 50% of Hp of boss that was the system)
**** when BB gonna be dissapair it's does something like blinking...
*****Cleric can not do BB bc they need to move all time(not only clerics but eveyone)
******Clerics can not heal(all the times) bc boss has Slow effect like 70%.... even purify take a lot of time.
*******Take More Magic DD's bc boss has Reducing Psysical attacks by a lot)
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The New Cave Some Infos
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