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Obtaining Titles: Introduction
Titles can be obtained by completing quests (click on the dagger icon on the top right corner to get the quests). Upon completion of those quest, open character screen, click on Title List->Title List and you can select any available title that you wish to wear next to your character name.

There are several Quest Chains, each having a specific seal. Completing each quest awards a specific title and unlocks permanent stats like + pdef, +mdef, etc... You don't need to equip a title to get the bonus (all stats unlocked adds to your base stats). Other instances, like AUE, Nirvana, Warsong also have title quests.

Tracking Title Quests & Kill Counts:
Tracking the title Quests can only be done by clicking on Quest->Show/Hide->Click on the 3rd tab (title event). (Kill counts doesn't appear on the regular quest menu)

Spoiler Alert: If you want discover the quest line by youself, don't read the rest. You may use the following if you get stuck or something. Get ready for the most frustrating quest line ever.

List of Known Title Quests:

1. Seal: HarshLands
Getting Started: Click on the dagger icon on the top right corner of the screen to open up the title quest menu. Select the first quest, and click on challenge. This will give your first seal.
(i) Find the Duke, wandering around in arch. [Pathfinding Master] Congratulation, you have now obtained your first title: go to character menu to wear it next to your name (under title list)
(ii) Find a pile of rocks (519, 688) next to a Master psychic in the northwest corner of arch. A new title quest will pop up (click on the flashing dagger icon to take the quest). [Omniscient Seer]
(iii) Quest will automatically teleport you to the Hashlands. Click on the flashing dagger icon to take the quest first. Kill 20 'Vengeful Troop Night Stalker', 20 'Vengeful Troop Dead Walke'r, 10 'Vengeful Inferno Chariot'. (scroll up to see how to track the kill counts)[Fiery Vanguard](+3 patt)
(iv) Go to snowy village to pick up the next quest. Go to 177, 952 to finish that quest. [Private Investigator]
(v) Go back to snowy village, get the popup. Kill 50 'Florafangs'. Turn in at Frost Adventurer (153, 965). [Herbicidal Maniac](+5 matt)
(vi) Fly towards the entrance of Frost Covered City. A quest will pop up, asking you to go inside.
(vii) Go inside. The next quest will popup as you go up the ramp (next to the 1st shade), ordering you to kill the Phoenix boss.[Frost Covered Enforcer](+9 pdef)
(viii) Go outside the entrance of eden. Just Next to the Entrance to get another popup quest.
(ix) Go inside Eden. Clear up to 'Phlebo'. The spot is right next to the pillar of duty to get the quest.
(x) Dig the conjuring table behind 'Phlebo'. [Head Hunter](+20 accuracy)
(xi) Go outside of eden, find the altar (208, 996) to get the next quest. Quest make you wait 5mins. [Heaven's Friend]
(xii) Break the Seal: Harshland (177, 952) [Star of the Harshlands](+12 Evasion)

[Harshland Liberator](+20 mdef) is the unlocked Title set bonus for completing Seal: Harshland.

If you find the Harshland seal difficult, the other seals will get ridiculously retarded (includes killing tons of mobs with long spawn times, camping (mini) world bosses).

2. Seal: Canyon
(i) Teleport to Avalanche village to get the seal.
(ii) Kill 'Gothe' and collect 25 bones from them (u can find them south and east of avalanche village) [Bone Collector](+12 Evasion)
(iii) Go to 316 946 for the next part of the quest. Kill the three-legged Vessel: General (location: missing) (Missing Bosses does not seem to exist for now, Completion of the rest of the quest chain is not available until further notice)

3. Seal: Archosaur
(i) Teleport to Angler Village: walk a lil bit south-east (Next to banker) to get the seal. (Letter to be dug, is missing)

4. Seal: Frozen River
(i) Seal Can be obtained at 204 973 (just above the water)
(ii) Dive into the water to kill 50 'Shadows of Icy River' (turn your visual effects to max, only the sparkly one is real) [Eyes of Insight](+9 pdef)
(iii) Go to 241 980 for the next quest. Kill 50 'Icebreaker Antitan'. [Icebreaker Breaker](+3 patt)
(iv) Find Lumberjack at 265 1009 to pick up the next quest. Kill 50 'Lethal Araneid Sharpfang'. [TimberJack Guardian](+5 matt)
(v) Go to 232 981 to pick up the next quest. Find the 5 Blazings and dig them: Fire (232 978), Earth (251 986), Wood (209 936), water (235 925), gold (238 970) [Pyromaniac](+20 accuracy)
(vi) Fly toward the centre frozen river at 265 947 to pick up the quest. Dig the totem and kill the 'Spirit of Icy Field' (spirit may be glitchy and dive under water. Try stun locking) Pick the next quest right after killing. [Guide of Life](+20 accuracy)
(vii) Kill the 'Sea: Patrol Dragonroar' (Underwater). [I am a Master](+9 mdef)
(viii) Break the Seal of the Frozen River, next to the boss (Use IG or a friend to help you dig it). [Glacial Star](+12 eva)

4.a Seal: Frozen River, Challenge Quests
(i b) Go to 236 934 for the pop up quest. Kill 'Deiciter Black' (Mini World Boss, Spawns right after maintenance, Used to spawn at 22hr52min intervals, Will be Camped by players) [The Bravo] (+9 mdef)
(vii b) Go to 285 960. Kill 'Watcher of Chasm' (World Boss, Spawns right after maintenance, Used to spawn after 4days~ish, Will be Camped by players). (This quest is be unlocked after completing Guide of Life) using [I Hate Doggy Eyes](+12 evasion)

[Man of Fury](+20 pdef) is the unlocked Title set bonus for completing Seal: Frozen River (includes main quest line + Challenge quests)

5. Seal: Volcanic Purgatory
(i) I found it near the entrance of Human F19/Volcanic Purgatory (at 396, 992)
(ii) Kill 20 'Ant soldiers', 20 'Frozen Wolfmaster', 10 'Jumby Tempestress'. (+ 9 pdef)[The Exterminator]
(iii) Go to 441 999 for the next quest popup. Kill Dargai, Torring, Naaru (Location: Missing)

6. Seal: Tai Chi Shore
(i) The seal can be found at the cross road of haunted path (541 957)
(ii) Fly to the top of veiled tower. Find the next quest (530 966) [The Past is Bitter]
(iii) Fly to the top of Volcanic Purgatory (444 970) [Veil Raider]
(iv) Go to 560 980, defeat the 50 of the 'Undead Army' [GhoulFriend](+9 mdef)
(v) Go to the Tower of Darkness (568 928) Take the quest. It will send you north to Tai Chi Shore where you will get the next part of the quest. (580 983) [Shadow Raider]
(vi) Kill the 'Empyrean Slither' (regular boss) [Monster Hunter](+9 mdef)
(vii) The next quest starts around the little water pond next to the Slither (580 983). Kill Ghost & Chaos. (location still missing)

7. Seal: Misfortune
(i) Seal can be obtained next to the top of the tree in Missfortune city at 673 975 (35 height) (npc is missing)

8. Seal: Snake Island
(i) Fly off to 678 889 (Height 32) to get the seal
(ii) Go to 677 887. wait for the popup [Trapeze]
(iii) Fly to Angler Village (638 831). Quest will ask you to give stuff to Foreign Monk (try buying a thousand lees from the npc if the quest doesn't popup) [The Generous](+3 patt)
(iv) Fly North to the Shattered Jade Shore (635 874). Wait for the Popup. Kill 25 'Mechrabs' & 25 'Giant Chislers'. [Armored Pincers](+20 accuracy)
(v) Go to 626 885 to pick up the next quest. Kill 'Chin, Mausoleum Watchman' and 50 'FelboneShanks'. [Six League Under]
(vi) Go to 638 872 to pickup the quest. Kill 'Cenminator' (World Boss, Spawns right after maintenance, Used to spawn after 4days~ish, Will be Camped by players). [Man of No Romance](+5matt)

8.a Seal: Snake Island, Optionals

Other Titles:
1. [Aviator](+3 patt): Fly to an altitude of 79".
2. [Super Durable](+14 MDef): Kill 'Incarcerate' in WS in less than 80mins.
3. [Naughty Junior]: Kill 'Vanished Ancestor' in Nirvana within 40min.
4. [Split Personality](+6 Patt) Defeat 'Aohe Snake' and 'Aohe Dragon' within 60 min (AUE: Twin path)
5. [Master of Balance](+14 PDef) Defeat 'Chigo, the Serpent Emperor' within 60 min (AUE: Balance of Light & Dark path)
6. [Draongslayer](+40 accuracy) Defeat 'Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor' within 80 min (AUE: Final Boss)
7. [Hide and Seek](+14 MDef) Defeat 'Locen, the Emperor of Flame' within 60 min (AEU: Stealth Bush path)
8. Kill the last boss in EU
9. [Son of Fortune] Collect 5 'Auspicious Son' from the 'Fortune from Heaven' Event.
10. [Servant of Lord Kitten] Collect 15 Kitten Balls from a Yellow Kitten NPC (NPC spawns 'randomly' in arch at around 7:30pm server time with a system message)

And shepherds we shall be, for thee, my lord, of thee.
Power hath descended forth from thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command.
So we shall flow a river forth to thee and teming with souls shall it ever be, In nomine Patri, et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti.
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